Our Services

Fleet Maintenance

We have the ability to service most makes and models of vehicles. Trucks, Trailers and Off-Road equipment. Anarchy will accommodate any specific lubrication requirements you may have.



Welding Fabrication

General Maintenance welding, aluminum/stainless steel/carbon steel welding, Fabrication of Walking Deck assemblies, Cabinets, Tombstones and Headache racks. Please contact regarding any custom fabrication requests.



Computer Diagnostics/Reprogramming

All programming required to diagnose the Big 3, CAT, Cummins and Detroit. We are capable of reading most European models of engines and all automotive makes and models for engine diagnostics. Both stock tuning or Performance Tuning are also available.

Transmission, Driveline and Powertrain

Transmission Diagnostics and repair, Driveline component replacement, Powertrain diagnostics and repair.

T&E Pumps, Titan Gauges

Pump replacements/overhauls, Leak repairs(gasket replacement/seals, Titan Gauge repairs and General maintenance.

AC Recharging & Troubleshooting

Diagnostics, Recovery/Recharge, Leak Test and Component replacement of all makes and models of trucks.

Engine Overhauls

Presently tooled for complete overhaul of CAT, Cummins and DD15/16 versions of Detroit Diesel and In-Frames. Engine conversions from- 0015/16 to Cummins or Cat as well as Cummins to CAT conversions and Cummins to previous version Cummins conversions.

Tank Truck/Trailer repairs

We strive to be outstanding in our services to the tank truck and trailer sector, including the installations of spill control systems for fluid haulers.



Specialize in all Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Repairs





Anarchy is a heavy duty mechanical service shop. We strive to provide exceptional service to all makes and models of trucks and trailers. Our shop is complete with full service tooling, overhead cranes and AC unit for AC repairs. All fluids are on hand for oil changes and greases.

If you need an industrial solution... We are available for you


Anarchy is proud to offer you 7,500 sq. feet of shop space to service all your needs. We strives to provide exceptional repairs and service for all makes and models of vehicles. Complete with full-service tools, overhead cranes, fluids on hand and a fully operational front office. The front end reception is a fully open and functioning work space with a reception desk, 3 office spaces and welcoming waiting area. It is most definitely a space designed with you in mind.

Are you in need of professional repairs?

The shop is also fully operational to work on a/c units for repairs and services, all other general services such as routine oil changes and grease services.


“To deliver the highest quality mechanical services while conscientiously and consistently providing safe and ethical repairs.”

Why Us?

We at Anarchy Mechanical strive to provide our customers with the highest quality of service. Our team has and continues to work diligently in order to aid our customers in getting their equipment back to work as fast as possible and done right the first time. Anarchy Mechanical’s goal is to have our customer wanting to return for our exceptional service and desire to have them repaired correctly and without failure of the repair we provided.

“Are you in need of our help”

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have. Our office staff will be happy to take any bookings you may have and Gus or Randy are more than happy to aid with any technical questions you have.

Our Distinctions


We are the only dealer for Snow Performance in Western Canada.


We are the only dealer for NMF in Grande Prairie.


We are a Licenced CVIP facility.


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